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A Forest Through the Trees
Although I know the author of this blog personally -- she has written articles for me through my day job as a newspaper editor -- I recommend this site less for personal reasons than for the quality of writing. Donnalee recently lost her husband to cancer. She started out by writing about his illness, caring for him, knowing what to expect and adjusting. Now following his death, she continues to write about the adjustment. It's a warm, poignant and compelling journal of love and loss.

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Dakota Galusha Memorial Fund
Dakota was a 12-year-old boy killed in a freak accident in front of Northampton Area Middle School Jan. 26, 2009. The accident happened in front of hundreds of his classmates and affected an entire community. The Dakota Galusha Memorial Fund was established in his memory to perform "random acts of kindness," most especially for those suffering from tragedy. Dakota's life and legacy is the topic of a narrative nonfiction book I am writing called "Light Up the Night Sky: The Legacy of Dakota Galusha." See my blog (click on "journal" on the links above) for more information on the project.

Johanna S. Billings, author
In addition to photography, I am an author. This is my blog and writer site.